To begin with- those of you who have been following my gastronomic adventures long enough should have known that I’m not really a big fan of the conventional hotpot. The numbness and stinging sensation left by those extra spicy oily broth which is usually dominated by “mala” soup base, just doesn’t resonate well with my palette.


I’m kind of a purist- who prefers to cherish food at its most original taste and hence, usually would go for clear broth or superior soup base when it comes to steamboat or any soupy meal. So far, the most memorable one would be a fish maw soup base hotpot that I tried at other restaurant and I thought that should be the best thus far. Until- I came across Xinga Pot which has since raised the bar higher with its unique Signature Golden Fish Tripe Macao Chicken Soup (马草鸡 ) and most importantly, delicious and sheer goodness of culinary authenticity.


They are the pioneer specialize in this salubrious broth (the first in town) that needs a painstakingly 8-hours of boiling in order to thoroughly extract essence from the ingredients. The mastermind behind this sumptuous recipe comes from epicurean Chef Brandon Lai (founder and co-partner of Xinga Hotpot Restaurant) who not only emphasizes in using only the freshest ingredients but also believes that enjoying communal hotpot shouldn’t be merely eating routine per se but also to fostering better ties as well. This will encourage longer-lasting friendship than just soup on your tastebuds.


Located at Uptown Damansara (opposite Texas Chicken), this impressive restaurant actually spans over 3 floors which allows them to cater various customer’s needs and privacy preference.


The birth of Xinga Pot Restaurant actually started slightly before the Covid19 lockdown and then blossoms through the lockdown period as a delivery-only service. With great support from its loyal customers, Xinga Pot finally has the chance to offer its mouth-watering menu in a cozy brick and mortar restaurant to the public on the 1st of December 2021.


Upon entering the stairs that lead up to its first floor, you will notice that the space is immensely imbued with retro Hong Kong vibes- from its table settings, cutleries, tableware to thematic wall painting.


There are 5 VIP rooms in total that are named after the famous 4 Heavenly Kings namely Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok (at the 2nd Floor), whilst the fifth and biggest room goes by the name of Coliseum can accommodate up to 30 pax at the 3rd Floor. 

Each room is equipped with its own set of karaoke system that allows your guests to enjoy both mirthfully and tastily.

The First Floor is an open dining concept which is suitable for smaller group of 2 to 4 pax.

Alright, let’s not dwell too far off from the main topic- FOOD! (=

Golden Fish Tripe Chicken Pot (MYR 138)

There are actually 7 soups to choose from, and this is just one of them. You could actually also have them mixed too. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Pot selection would require 1-day Pre-Order.

 It’s best recommended to have a taste of the soup first before adding in any ingredients. This will allow you to really discern the notes of robust flavour from he nourishing soup. Trust me- you ain’t gonna regret it but will hook on for more. Seriously, the soup is so intensely rich and tasty! We can’t help it but just enjoy the soup on its own for a good few rounds before we added in subsequent superior broth. This "First Drawn" soup taste is remarkably 忘不!

Sakura Pork Collar

(MYR 15/ 28 for 100g/ 200g)


Australian Beef for the meat lovers.

(MYR 20/ 30 for 100g/ 200g)

Now comes to my favourite homemade items.


Xinga Combo- Each at 75g (MYR 70)

Seriously, each of the handmade paste is so bouncy and tasted so fresh!

Those of you who usually cook would attest to it without any qualms.

 Truffle Prawn Paste

Mushroom Pork Paste

Ebiko Prawn Paste

Chili Cuttlefish Fish Paste


Tiger Prawn (MYR 28/ 200g)


Latest menu Fried Signature Tau Pok (Stuffed Bean Curd Puff)


Clam (MYR 48/ 1kg)

This will need 1-day pre-order in advance.


Chives Dumpling (MYR 18)


Xinga Handmade Ramen (MYR 6)


Fu Zuk (MYR 10)


Watercress (MYR 8)

 King Mushroom (MYR 10)


Hung Fook Tong Herbal Tea (MYR 6) and Kai Ice Shaved Ice (MYR 12) are also available over here.

Calamansi vs French Chocolate Flavour
Personally, prefer the former as it's refreshingly zesty!

Not forgetting there is also a Xinga Bar awaiting you at the 3rd Floor. It’s perfect for those looking for some tipples after a satisfying hotpot meal.



Essentially, the statement as the best Hongkie hotpot style in Petaling Jaya as claimed- does hold some weight as reflected by its honest candour in their recipes. True enough, after just one session isn’t adequate for I’m already hankering for the next return to try out their other soup base and more homemade meat paste. It’s simply pure joy and goodness! 

So remember to check them out soon whenever you’re in the vicinity.


Till then, cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! 



Location: No. 58 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor), Jalan SS 21/58, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact: +6017-7716522

Operation Hours: 4pm - 12am (Tue - Sun) | Mon CLOSED




 **minimum spending required for VIP Rooms.



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