Naab Business & Dining Centre @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Been passing by this restaurant quite often with curiosity. Finally, decided to make my maiden attempt in Iranian Cuisine at its outlet in Solaris Mont Kiara one fine Saturday night.

We were greeted amiably upon our arrival. Some Middle Eastern-flavored songs were heard rendering from the restaurant background and this all together made us and the other patrons feels comfortable just at home:)

After we were presented the Naab menu, I browsed through it with butterflies in my stomach, looking at all the unique dishes name, without any hints in my mind. Nevertheless, am still up for the challenge albeit the nervousness being a foodie me:P

Luckily, their Frizzy Lemonade with mint leaves, which were complimentary, does help to cool me off, haha. I would say it’s a "preliminary appetite enhancer" with its citrusy taste.

Without wasting any more time, we quickly tucked in the splendor Iranian fine dishes we had ordered.

Hommos Veggie- served with crispy Nan hot bread.

Mix Koobide Kebab- which we could savor both texture of Chicken and Lamb Kebab, alongside with saffron rice and unsalted butter.

 The rice seems's longer rectangular in shape and  is not the usual often seen.

Dough- Guess this traditional Iranian yogurt drink really got the better of me. It is a blend of fresh yogurt with water plus mint which gives out a pungent sourish taste which not to my liking. However, it does provide some sense of deep relaxation.

Sekanjebin- Refreshing drink which consists of cucumber, green apples, mint and some other herbs which is much more acceptable to me than the former drink, hehe..

Delectable spread!

Though all the dishes does look peculiar to me, I still enjoyed my this exotic exploration and would come back for other appetizers :)