After often exchanging brief glances curiously several times since few months ago on this café whenever we were heading to ArtelierCoffee (our fave coffee hideout), which at that time, PAUL was still under renovation, it has now finally opened its door to the excited consumers of Klang Valley, after London, Washington, Tokyo and Dubai.

As this patisserie is inspired by the French Art de Vivre, I feel rather attuned to it as coincidentally, I also named the link of my Carpe Diem Page aesthetically as ‘joie de vivre’ too, except that I added it with a more feminine notes, ‘lass”, which hopefully translates into a simple, light-hearted girl who chirpily embraces the joy that life brings about, besides her love for food, of course! (=

Hence, the bakery-restaurant is captivatingly beautiful, that set forth with chic yet vintage design, and choice of dining whether inside the restaurant itself or at the adjacent space, where the new Pavilion Elite connects to the previous building.  

Beautiful design with artsy décor to first bespoke you visually.
Being the maestro in bakeries, definitely we not going to leave without trying some of their signatures.

PAUL showcases its sweet side with an impressive selection of seasonal cakes, tarts and other gourmet desserts such as chocolate moelleux, tarts and moist millefeuilles, just to name a few.

Not forgetting its viennoiserie, where they the recipe is using ‘pure butter’.

A must-haved item whenever patronizing any French boulangerie. Love the buttery taste albeit it’s bit dense within, as personally, I prefer a much lighter and flaky croissant.

This Lemon Cream Tartlet is filled with zesty lemon juice.

Alright, I might have subconsciously mistaken it with KeyLime Pie as I enjoy tartness in my citrusy pastry- sourness tolerance rather high, haha.

Famous plain Napoleon, this square-shaped millefeuilles comes sandwiching a unique custard combined with fluffy, crispy, pure butter and subtly caramelized puff pastry. I’m okay to go with lesser custard filling as I really enjoy the crispy puff!

It’s a plain flan that comes with a custard filing baked within a buttery tart. Not really my cup of tea as I prefer my custard to be slightly wobbly moister (the custard appear rather solidly baked), so I think I enjoy my millefeuilles more, hehe.

And if you’re looking for some savoury treat instead, yes, they do have a decent selection from salad, quiches, pies, sandwiches to poultry dishes to choose from. Bon appétit!

Large omelette using 3 eggs, fluffily whipped up with turkey ham, mushrooms, cheese and served with mixed salad and Provençale tomato. Good and nicely cooked omelet with gooey and bit cheesy filling. Done just nice.

Iconic recipes from any Parisian café, this cheese-toastie comes delightfully sandwiched with turkey ham before coated with cream a layer of melted emmental cheese on top. Best eaten once served to enjoy “pain de mie” (soft bread) way, else it will get tad harden once cooled off too long at the air conditioned area.

Herb marinated chicken leg served with salad, cherry tomatoes, carrots and roasted potatoes.

This seemingly common grilled chicken thigh is actually indeed delicious, thoroughly marinated with herbs that render its juiciness and tenderness in each bite.

Not forgetting some cuppa to go along with.

Coffee with honey and milk froth topped with cinnamon

Regular black coffee

Double shot espresso with steamed milk and topped with velvety foam

Tea served with lemon slice or milk if requested

Signature own blend of hot chocolate)

Tea of your choice (we choose Earl Grey) with 3 mini macaroons with flavours of chocolate, pistachio and lemon)

I don’t usually enjoy macaroons, for it’s always too sweet in my case. However, PAUL’s interpretation of this sweet indulgence seems to get me hooked on for more. They are not as sweet as I am dreadful of, but instead, greet your palate distinctly alluring with some moist and chewy texture in it. The trio macaroons taste heavenly even by themselves. So remember to check them out!

Only into their 2 weeks’ operation, throngs of customers are visibly seen especially during peak hours like lunch time. So be prepared to queue for awhile or you could come later, say dinner time, where the queue is much friendlier. À bientôt!

Latest updated: 7th Aug 2020
We were there for dinner at HanSang Korean Restaurant with another 2 pals. Was planning to have a quick cuppa round at my all-time favourite cafe in town, Artelier Coffee. But too bad, we were 5 minutes after its newly revised operations hours following the new SOP post RMCO Period.
Hence, buddies suggested Paul Bakery instead.

Café Miel (MYR 12)

Morroccino (MYR 12)

Mint Lemonade (MYR 11)

Coincidentally they were having happy hour of BUY 2 FREE 1 for desserts!
Only realized when the third slice came and so,was informed by the staff when i looked surprised? (=

Chocolate Éclair (MYR 16)

Chocolate Mille Feuille (MYR 15)

Tartelette Multifruits 

Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤

Location: 2.09.02 & S2.09.02, Level 2,     
Contact: +603- 2145 6000

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