So, after a sequel of Johor Rediscovering trips to Desaru Fruit Farm, Crocodile Farm, Tiara Desaru Seaview Residence (TDSR) as well as Water Theme Park at Lotus Desaru Resort, this chapter brings us to yet another amusing time to behold- to be upclose and personal (per se) with giant birds- Ostrich!!


Although the farm is also located at Desaru, a mere 45 minutes’ drive is still required from TDSR as it’s located more to the southern part of the locality. This famous Ostrich Farm which is situated at Teluk Ramunia, houses more than 100 of ostriches in its vast perimeter comfortable enough for the birds to roam freely in a safe guarded zone.

During the farm tour, a caretaker would be assigned in touring and guiding you around, whilst interesting facts of those ostriches will be told and explained by the caretaker simultaneously.

The informative uncle is so friendly and humourous. As he tours us around, he shares with us how adorable these giant birds can be and keep saying they are actually not that scary (but please do not agitate them on purpose) but rather cutely “stupid”, as he rubs the head of one of the ostriches fondly- that time, they really seems appealing as a tame pet, I mean a hugeeeee………pet! Lolz

Not until they start pecking miserably at anything out of no apparent reason! Even the fence and cement wall seems attractive to them! I wonder do they ever feel pain at their beak, haha.


Visitors can have the opportunity to get close and personal with the ostriches, interacts with them either with selfie, wefie or even a ride on them (for those andrenaline junkie) at a minimal charge. The admission fees to the farm are is at the rate of MYR12 and MYR 8 for adult and children respectively.

A quaint little shop that showcases craftsman various masterpieces such as leather products, household ornaments and etc, are also available for those looking forward to get some back as souvenirs and momentos to their friends or families. As for me, the ostrich tendon sounds rather captivating due to its many wonders of medicinal values especially natural collagen to the bones, so got some back for my beloved parents. Each packet available is at MYR 18. The slightly steep price as opined by some was due to the scarcity of the total utilization of the animal itself. Do you know that a grown up bird at 100 kg only has 20kg to be spared as consumption purpose? Not forgetting the regular high cost that the humble farm needs to bear in ensuring the birds are all under good hands nutritiously.

Decorative lamp shades using Ostrich Egg

A one month-old weighs about 10kg which then gains 2kg every week thereafter till it reaches adulthood of one year old at a whopping scale of 100kg!

Now you know how big an ostrich egg can be! Approximately of my face! Lolx…..
And do not underestimate the hardness of the egg shell as it can support the weight of an adult and to just crack (or rather open) the egg, drill, hammer and nail are paramount utensils. Unbelievable? Believe it!

Oh yea, if you’re keen about to try out the meats, they are several homey recipes available here too. How does Ostrich Burger, Bak Kut The, Teppanyaki (MYR 25) and Omelette (MYR 10) sounds? You name it, they got it basically! The meat are more tender and juicier compared to other red meats, besides the uber fluffy golden fried egg.

So, let’s discover the friendly chickaboo in Johor's Desaru today!

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Location: EMR 15, Teluk Ramunia, 81620 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia. 
Contact: +607- 826 5846
Business Hours: 10am - 6pm (Daily)

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