Ever wanted a suppler and crystal clear complexion without the expense of chemical ingredients involvement? Then the natural water-based skin range that I’m about to share might be of interest to you (and your skin of course).

Even skin complexion and sufficient hydration to my skin have always been a major concern especially living in the world today with air that is unavoidable to be free of foreign particles which tend to irritate our skin. As such, we would need to take various preventive and maintaining steps to ensure the skin is in the best condition so that youth will always stay intact with us, for as long as possible.

And I’m glad to know about this natural product that formulates by extracting essence from natural plants which then provides tender care to the skin- The PLANT BASE which originates from Korea; the leading Asian region maestro that is well known for its impressively smorgasbord skin care range.

Do you know that 80% component of skin care products are 'just' water?
Let‘s be Smart Consumer and do check the ingredients when purchasing your skin care.

The PLANT BASE absorbs the Precious Energy and Vitality of plants into the products in the form of plant extract water. Hence, aptly touted as “Natural Cosmetics For The Whole Family”!

Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water (150ml)
Toner for sensitive skin
Volumes        150ml/5.0 oz
Types:  Sensitive/Acne/All
Function: Clearing / Soothing / Moisturizing
Natural Moisture Barrier
 Natural protective film that the skin of people has in order to protect itself but once it is broken, the skin gets dry and causes troubles/inflammations due to external stimuli through sensitization process.

Use it after shaking, as it consists of oil layer and moisture layer with the same ration of natural oil and moisture balance. So do not be worried if you see 2 separated layers after leaving it for some time, not defective but still can use it worry-free. Of course within the expiry date (= This natural elixir comes at MYR 109 for a bottle of 150ml.

Main ingredients
Bamboo extracts (Vitalizing & Moisturizing)
Argan Kennel / Olive Oil (Moisturizing & Damage Prevention)
Angelica Archangelica Root (Skin Soothing)
INFLAX (Alleviating Skin Stress- Patent ingredient by THE PLANT BASE)

With Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract 6000mg, Natural Origin 92.3%
This extra-light but moisturizing treatment toner with the Bamboo water and Argan Kennel Oil helps hydrate, comfort and smooth skin. It helps restore skin natural moisture barrier and balance and retain youthful radiance. The organic herb extracts and plants oil –ECOCERT certified- helps defend skin against silent skin agers. Skin looks and feels healthier, more supple and refreshed.

Plant Extracted Water
Used  76.67% Bamboo Extracted Water

Balance skin pH level
Prevent skin problems/irritations by enhancing barrier

The PLANT BASE’s patented ingredient for antioxidant and soothing effect

Botanical natural ingredient from nature

Free from 10 Harmful ingredients
Paraben, Paraffin, Pigment, Benzophenone, DEA, Silicon, Animal Material raw, mineral oil, PEG, Surfactant

Moisturizing | Protecting | Balancing | Anti-Wrinkle

Nature Solution Skin Essence (40ml)
Essence for anti-aging
Volumes        40ml/1.3 oz
Types: All
Function: Soothing/ Moisturizing

The skin essence is suitable for all skin types, comes with a zest of delicate citrus smell in gel type form of light green and is priced at MYR 129 for 40ml.

Main ingredients
Bamboo extract (Moisturizing & Nutrition)
Centaurea cyanus flower water (Care Pores)
Lavender Flower Water (Skin Cleansing)
INFLAX (Antioxidant- Patent ingredient by THE PLANT BASE)


The first step in a daily beauty routine is to create fresh, healthy, and glowing skin.
This natural essence water helps restore vital balance by promoting skin’s natural renewal rhythms. Eventually gives rise to fresh, toned skin that will radiate with youthful vitality.

Plant Extracted Water
Used 62.84% Bamboo Extracted Water

Oil Drop Method
With the oil drop method, the active ingredients go deeply through your skin and maximize skin improvement effect. Replenish moisture and nutrition with hydrating essence made of oil drop technology, blending with 13 kinds of natural oil.

Not only it is gentle on our skin, it’s rejuvenating at the same time, giving a new breath to our weary skin amidst the hectic schedule. I’m loving these miracle bottles and have been using them since it was first introduced to me till now, and I have no reason to cease but will continue to explore its other magically soothing range that have been pampering my skin all this while and ensuring they are under good hands at all time.

For further saving, you may key in this code (TPBADD10) when checking out to be entitled for 10% special discount on your total purchase. I enjoy the time-saving way of shopping, not only on cost but also invaluable time that can now be spent more with loved ones. Hence, be a smart consumer like me today! (=

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For more information and latest discoveries from The Plant Base, stay updated with their

Disclaimer: This review is based on personal experience on my combination skin type. Feel free to share yours too if you are also a consumer of The Plant Base, as we know each person has different skin types and their concern too.

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“The Purity of Nature”
식물 에너지를 모아, 대신 담다


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