It’s the time of the year again where everyone would gather around, reviving camaraderie and cherish each other’s companion over a heart-warming meal after a hectic and hopefully, a resourceful year so far. After all, we ought to rejuvenate from time to time in order to ensure our hectic lifestyles are sustainable in the healthier and wondrous way long term.

What’s better way than to rejoice over a warm reunion of mouthwatering fête thoughtfully crafted by the chef brigade at Grand Harbour Restaurant & Private Kitchen, primely located at Fahrenheit 88 mall of the brisk Golden Triangle?

Mooncakes are individually packed in elegant pastel floral themed boxes. Choose from normal gift box or 3-tier hexagon corporate gift box as an ideal gift for your loved ones, friends and associates

In conjunction with this festival, Executive Chef Chan will lead you through the many salubrious creations in terms of both festal, time-honoured recipes as well as signature mooncakes to complete your meal on a sweet note to ensure your palate is satisfyingly titillated.

Mid-Autumn Festival Dishes

Braised Crab Meat Thick Soup with Assorted Dried Seafood and Crab Roe
Simply salubrious with plethora of oceanic sweetness

Wok Fried Giant Grouper in Hong Kong Fishing Village Style
Also fondly known as "Long Dun", each bites of the fish meat is bouncily lovely and addictively fried with assorted spiced toppings including the crispy and fragrantly chopped garlic. Honestly, i don't mind munching on the crunchy bites with just a bowl of white rice as they are already aromatically taste by themselves- brilliant!

Poached Ming Prawn with Chinese Yellow Wine
Prawns were huge and uber fresh! Daintily paired with Chinese yellow wine that further accentuated the flavour of this dish.

Braised Homemade Bean Curd with Fish Lips and Mushroom in Abalone Sauce

Fried Rice with Eel and Black Pepper

Ala Carte Mid-Autumn Creations

Steamed Chicken with Lotus Seed and Garlic in Lotus Leaf (MYR 120)

Braised Spare Ribs with Chestnut & Fried Onion (MYR 50)

Red Dates Layer Cake (MYR 9.80)

Mid Autumn Treasures- Mooncakes

Golden Zest (Honey Lemon Single Yolk) 柠蜜单黄(New Flavour)

Fruity Duet (Cranberry & Pineapple) 蔓莓凤梨 (New Flavour)
Personally, this is my favourite as i enjoyed the harmonious fruity combination of this pastry (=

Fruits Nuts Mixture 伍仁果子
Lovely classics!

Jade Lotus Single Yolk 单黄翡翠莲蓉
All-time favourites!

It was a lovely enclave where we were given the opportunity to dine in at their newly enhanced space at Second Floor where previously it was confined up to Lower Ground 1 only, so yeah, thank you!

The surrounding is nicely ornamented with splendor details giving it a sense of sophistication. Not to mention it is sparklingly tiled up with white, glistering marbles, huge table setting that can be customized up to 30 people per table on special request (otherwise would be 10pax per table by default that can accommodate up to 38 banquet tables) and private rooms that can be partitioned and equipped with karaoke’s entertainment.

So those of you who are looking for private occasions, corporate functions or wedding dinner, you might want to check out this place. For more information or reservation, please visit their website or call +603- 2141 1660 for further enquiries.

If you’re dining in a big group and wish for a hassle-free, delicious oriental menu, but are undecided which festive dishes to try, then you may consider this luscious Mid Autumn Festival 9-Course Set Menu.

There are also special rebate for mooncakes promotion with minimum purchase as below:

Normal Box (4pcs per box)
Corporate Gift Box (6pcs per box)
2 – 10 boxes
10 %
2 – 5 boxes
10 %
11 – 30 boxes
15 %
6 – 10 boxes
15 %
31 – 50 boxes
20 %
11 boxes and above
51 – 99 boxes
25 %

100 boxes and above
30 %

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Lot LG2 - 01(01) & LG2-01(02) Lower Ground Two Fahrenheit 88 No, 179, Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


Lot L4-15,16,17 & 18, Level 4, DAMEN Mall, 1, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Contact: +603-2141 1763

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