After welcoming the latest venture of a new concept by Zouk Group, the first-ever vibe dining restaurant FUHU Restaurant & Bar , Resorts World Genting is now glad to reveal yet another new milestone of excitement where you explore the alternate universe via SKY VR. 
FUHU Restaurant & Bar
FUHU Restaurant & Bar

SKYVR is an immersive VR Adventure where you are teleported to a different dimension of a new world where you can do all the things you have never thought you could.
For each game, visitors just need to use the Tap & Play Card bought at the ticketing counter for a fun-filled experience. It’s easy and swiftly convenient.
Currently there are 5 games readily available namely RoboCoaster, SkyGlider VR, VirtuGlobe, Vortex and XD Theater, while awaiting a few more in the pipelines to come such as the VR Arcade.
RoboCoaster (South Korea Tech)
Less intimidating compared to the usual roller coaster visually, this is a ride where visitors can delve into robotic realms and be transported into undiscovered worlds with an all-action 360° experience as you get airlifted by a “flying robot”. There would be of course some twists and turns, upside down whirlpools here and there unexpectedly along the way, but trust me, it’s so fun that you are bound to get hook for another few more rides!
The RoboCoaster, created by Sangwha in South Korea, eschews guns for glorious discoveries. Up to 4 guests can experience a VR rollercoaster ride into an undiscovered robotic realm, filled with amazing structures and curious creatures that can be viewed in full 360 degrees. Guests must be between 130-190cm to experience RoboCoaster. 
SkyGlider VR (UK Tech)
For those of you who adore extreme sports but yet to make a maiden one, then this virtual skygliding probly is the best choice currently to get the nearest feel. Experience a gust of wind blows through your body as you dive through the air at extreme height on their state-of-the-art suspended paragliding harness. So cool!
If all guests want to do is soar through the sky like a majestic eagle, then SkyGlider VR provides that very experience. Using a chair strap, feel the amazing sensation of gliding on a paraglider while seeing the world from a different perspective as wind machines simulate the feeling of rushing through the air several hundred metres above the ground.
3 levels of skill are available; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – with so much to see you can be assured that no two VR glides experience will be the same. The first of its kind in Malaysia, SkyGlider was developed by FrontGrid. Guests must be between 110-190cm and be under 150kg in weight for SkyGlider VR.
VirtuGlobe (US Tech)
This giant opaque golf ball-like globe brings you to a free moving VR environment whereby you step in any direction to create your own intense and immersive virtual experience. On the other hand, exteriorly it does look aesthetically charming, isn’t it? (=
In VirtuGlobe which is developed by VirtuGlobe Inc, guests are able to step into a free-moving VR environment.  Individuals has the liberty to make the experience as intense or as immersive as they want. Created by Ray Latypov in the USA, VirtuGlobe – originally named Virtusphere – has been used by military agencies worldwide to train their personnel to operate in any possible environment. To experience VirtuGlobe, a height restriction of 130-200cm and a weight restriction of 35-130kg apply.
Vortex (Taiwan tech)
For ocean lovers, this is where visitors can enjoy an ultra-realistic, breathtaking underwater journey or an interactive shooting experience in a kid’s friendly motion platform.
The Vortex that centres on a state-of-the-art motion platform, where guests are strapped into a central console with VR laser guns in their hands. Developed by Brogent in Taiwan, Vortex takes up to 12 guests on a rambunctious rollercoaster ride, fending off an invading gauntlet with ultra-realistic graphics as the platform vibrates and shudders to the on-screen action. The first-of-its-kind in Asia, Vortex is open to guests between 100-195 cm in height.
XD Theater (Canada tech)
This is the most intense multi-sensory interactive as well as synergistic attraction with cutting edge targeting system and special effects designed for the whole family. It does keep me sitting at the edge of my seat as the exhilaration got the better of me as I keep shooting the target, haha.
The XD Theater is a multi-sensory media-based simulator ride for the family. It can sit up to 32 guests together to experience this interactive attraction, which transports them into fascinating new worlds such as a piratical world brimming with aggressive monsters, whereby everyone must work together to fend off attacks and beat bad guys. Guests must be at least 90cm in height for XD Theater, which was developed by TrioTech in Canada and largest attraction of its kind in Malaysia
Amongst all, I personally enjoyed the RoboCoaster the most (despite some shrieking when thrown 360° inside a virtual scene that is so reminiscent of Transformer movie) , followed by XD Theater  where we tried 2 shooting games of Carnival (it’s the scary Pennywise) and Robot Riot and last but not least the cooling SkyGlider VR which allows me a quick, thrilling moment of snowy Alps mountain view (=
For a glimpse on how fun and adrenalin-kicking the RoboCoaster rider could be, click HERE for the short clip.
Each games starts from MY35 to MYR55 per session. It’s opened from 10am and located at Level 2 of Skytropolis, which is another family-friendly indoor theme park and just one level above The VOID, where we also enjoyed ourselves very much previously during the launch of Avengers: Damage Control by Marvel Studios and ILMxLAB.

Now time to step into new worlds, crossing the boundaries of time, distance and physical limitations with cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology at Resorts World Genting!
Should your tummy gets gnawing after these exhilaratingly fun rides, then head to the newly opened all American-retro eatery that offers tantalizing spreads that are well-loved back in the States at Ed's Easy Diner! Check it out soon.
Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ℒℴѵ
 Address: Level 2 , Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, Resorts World Genting Highlands, Malaysia.
Contact: +603 6101 1118
Operations Hours: 10am - 10pm

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    1. My pleasure, hope you would enjoy the fun rides soon! :)


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