Many have always been fascinated by its spectacular spread of authentic Chinese cuisine served at its finest such as their bountifully done moreish dim sum, on top of other house specialties incorporating traditional Cantonese ingredients as well as from other provinces. Not only that this restaurant is well known for upholding his clientele’s quality dining experience but also their dishes comes in generous portion that is sumptuously value for money. Naturally it’s of no surprise where many regulars would place their reservation in advance for their favourite plates prior dining in and often seen indulging in their inhouse signature menu that are earnestly crafted by the seasoned chef hands of Marco Polo Restaurant.


Well, life is never short of surprises.

In view of the unprecedented year following the protracted Covid-19 pandemic that has impacted everyone globally, many of us is now embracing the new norms with better hygiene awareness in accordance to SOP imposed by the government. Having said that, it doesn’t mean we have to do without lunar celebration this year but rather a more consciously sound execution per se for the sake of everyone’s well being.

Therefore even currently we are unable to dine out, one needs not endure the craving for Marco Polo Restaurant’s mouthwatering oriental dishes as both delivery and takeaway are now made available for your convenience. So let’s welcome the New Year “Ox-piciously” while relishing in Marco Polo Restaurant festive menu at the comfort of your home!



MYR 520nett for 6pax

Definitely a gastronomy of prosperity not to be missed in every lunar festivity. Filled with the abundance of abalones, deep sea fresh prawns, scallops, Korean dried oysters, roasted meat and many more, God of Wealth and Prosperity is sure to come knocking at your door very soon.


Large MYR 199nett | Small MYR 126nett

Another iconic dish joining the fête is this annual cuisine of ‘larp- mei’ a.k.a. waxed meat that comes with its own unique zest amidst salinity with rice that are nicely cooked in a claypot. One of the items that captivate me was the very skillfully cooked rice underneath those main limelights. Each grain of rice was evenly coated, non-sticky and very well distinctively fluffy at the same time.  


CNY 'LOU-HEI' (NON-RAW) 新春捞起 (無生食料)

Large MYR 118+ | Small MYR 75+


When comes to ‘yee sang’, usually I’m not a huge buff of its conventional overly sweet and sour nuance. But for some reason, I’m hooked on to this marvelous interpretation by Marco Polo Restaurant.

With some creative twist to this olde plate by adding the slurpy-licious silky Jiang Xi rice vermicelli on top of all non-raw but fruity ingredients have indeed given a new breath to this quintessential lunar gourmet. This inventive approach is indeed brilliant and thoughtful at the same time catering to those who are not that into salmon sashimi which is commonly seen. Personally I find this Lou Hei Yee Sang very appetizing and refreshing at the same time that effortlessly charms me for another helping which I usually don’t quite, awesome!!



MYR 68+ Per Portion

Moving on next is this lusciously braised pork knuckles over long hours to yield that fall-off tender meat.



Whole MYR 208+ | Half MYR 108+

Unlike the normal duck dish, this Ireland imported duck meat is much springier in texture, less fatty and greets the gustation with milder gamey taste. Not forgetting its alluring crispy skin too!


MYR 18+ Per 100g; Min 1.1kg (Half Rack)

Another signature from Marco Polo Restaurant is none other than this reigning specialty Iberico Ribs that are very well marinated with spice. I like how it’s roasted and executed smokily in less gravy-smothered way whereby the meat has a very nice texture to it and comes with irresistibly robust flavour.


MYR 739.90nett

As Chinese New Year celebration is fast approaching, this Prosperity Set is specially themed and ideal for a family feast to enjoy and gather over the table at home.


Wait, what if you are dining in smaller group?

Fret not as this mini series of the lunar feast are just the perfect choice you are looking for. It solves the conundrum of any couples too (=


MINI CNY 'POON-CHOY' 迷你賀年盆菜 (RM58+)

MINI 'LARP-MEI' RICE 迷你腊味飯 (RM28+)

Let’s take a breather from the kitchen this lunar and have a wonderful reunion dinner with your loved ones.  For delivery and takeaway, please ring +603- 2141 2233. Customers get to enjoy free delivery up to 20km with purchase above MYR 500.

Wishing everyone an advance Gong Xi Fatt Cai and Happy Chinese New Year!!

May the world be blessed with more abundance of health and wealth, most importantly more compassion and loving kindness.

恭喜發財, 新年快乐!!


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Location: Wisma Lim Foo Yong, 1st, 84, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: +603- 2141 2233

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarcoPoloRestaurant/

Website:  http://marcopolo.com.my/



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