The intuitively rebellious culinary team of Ampersand,Uptown has recently rolled out a whole range of new weekend brunch menu as well as its more luscious Ribs & Belly theme to its existing meaty signatures, namely the reigning Cacao Ribs, BBQ Ribs,JP Ribs and Yo! Ribs.

To know how they fare, please hover by here for our previous review.

Now start your day wholesomely with delectable first meal of the day from the newly launched selection of brunch menu!

These entire brunch menu are only available during the weekends and perfect for sharing.

Scrambled Eggs, BBQ Pork Ribs, Char Siew Pork Belly, Bacon, German Bratwurst, hashbrown and Lebanese Bread

Compared to its erstwhile feast, this time the breakie for the weekend was served more extravaganzas with the addition of its popular tender-licious, flaked-off-meat-by fork BBQ Pork Ribs that was smothered with savory sauce to go with its companions. It’s ever that juicy and succulent, that warrants several helpings after that.

IT'S A WRAP! (MYR 44- 2 pax)
Tortilla, Pulled BBQ Ribs, Char Siew Pork Belly, Egg, Pickled Cucumber, Greens, Raita, Mango Sauce, Salsa

A slightly lighter fete from the West inspiration was the pulled pork, intertwisted with Asian elements like the Raita dipping, which happened to be my personal fave. It’s tangy, light and good to go even on its own. Don’t forget to bask in the quivering char siew pork belly too, nom nom!

THE SINFUL FRENCH (MYR 28-2 pax | MYR 40- 2-4 pax)
French Toast, Bacon, Brulee Banana, Blueberries, Strawberries, Peanut Butter Sauce and Gula Melaka

Personally, this was one of the best French toast I’ve had in a long time. Ampersand’s toast toast has a bouncier and fluffier texture to it, thanks to the Hainanese bread used in the toast. It was eggy-fragrant on the outside with the golden coat, coupled with some hint of caramelized sweetness on the banana that was done just nice and not overly saccharine.

A Quick tip- the peanut butter sauce is best eaten once served, else it will tend to get stickier once it has cooled down, and that wouldn’t make a nice pouring time (=

BANANA LEAF BREAKFAST (MYR 40-2 pax | MYR 65- 4 pax)
Scrambled Eggs, Crispy Grilled Bacon, Tomato Relish, Mixed Mushrooms,
Hashbrown and Double Cooked Potatoes, German Bratwurst and Lebanese bread

This pioneer serving would be perfect for those who want to have it simple but yet palatably rewarding. I’ve never bored of those deliciously pan-fried cubes of mixed mushrooms and enjoy it dearly every time I drop by. They are good at maintaining the right nuances of the fungi by not overcooking it to retain that delightful springiness with just light seasoning.

Aren’t they appealing? There's no reason why you can't have more than one breakfast a day! (=  

Now here you go- more sinful temptations to titillate you further, both visually and yummily.

Can i have these all by my own? (=

Taking a turn away from the culturally plated brunch, next we have pork belly done sous vide served on your way.

German Pork Belly (approx 350g) marinated with char siew sauce, served with their in-house special tofu puree and peanut butter mustard

Once innocent glance and am hooked on to this daintily plated huge slab of pork belly with chives sprinkles, garnished ala Francais. The tofu puree was uniquely divine, with taste further accentuated by the tamed peanut butter mustard, wow!

Coming up was the next rebellious rendition by the Cook in da’ house! (=

German Pork Belly (approx 350g), Traffic Light sauce: Chimichurri, Spiced Pine-Mango Chutney, & Capsicum Berry Sauce, Flashed Fried Cherry Tomato, Salad and Crunchy Capers. 

Brined pork with Traffic Light Sauce! Say Hi to Red, Yellow and Green! ^^

What set this dish apart were definitely the 3 types of relish, got intertwined so well that you would even enjoy it satisfyingly on its own!

* Cranberry Capsicum- more fruity and sweet zest
* Pineapple Orange- more to Indian spices, cumin, cayenne and etc
* Chimichurri- neighbour to the usual pine nuts-infused pesto, this lill’ comrades shares a close resemblance in both flavor and visual, except that it has been ‘rebelliously’ twisted at Ampersand with peanuts as well as mixed herbs that include parsley, cilantro and basil in olive oil.

Unlike its counterparts that usually pairs with pasta, chimichurri commonly goes with grilled meats better for the tangy taste.

Both menus were braised and sous vide after some 6 hours of marinade using Germany pork belly, some sort halves the time when executing the same course for its other ribs dishes of Spanish pork. So oh yeah, al hails meaty fares here, particularly swine lovers (=

Ideal thirst-quenchers came just in time!

A glass of cooling drink infused with Chia seed harmoniously dancing with calamansi lime. It’s pleasantly refreshing with a light hint of mint.

Pulpy longans concocted with lime which added more zest to it.

Oh, wait a minute, what did we miss? Fret not; here we go our dessert time!

Let’s welcome our ‘greens’ as the grand finale!

Molten Lava Matcha Tart, red bean and cranberries green tea fudge cake, honey tofu cream and kapitti vanilla ice cream

The tart is of biscuit base, so it’s bit on the crispy side, totally different if you were to compare to otherwise much softer buttery dough.

The matcha fudge cake tends to lean towards crumble and crusty texture, instead of the moist cake you would think of. Ironically, that seems to go quite well when eaten with the vanilla ice cream, where the overall component resulted in a more balanced nuance rather than too soggy if the cake was to be more moist. I personally enjoy the nutty bites of matcha loaf infused with cranberry very much.

Served with a handful of cakes and gelato dollop generously dusted with matcha powder, this piece of moreish dessert gave us nothing short of a decadent plate of guilt-ridden worthy indulgence.

We surprised ourselves with just how much we applaud this dish. That kinda reminds me of Ecole P’s Tofu cake, would it make a return here soon? ** Hint, hint to the rebellious Ampersand crew :D 

Paired with a good cup of joe, it’s purely a bliss! Need we really say more?



Ampersand always surprises patrons with exquisite thoughtfulness when it comes to gastronomy adventures. The culinary rebels behind are always on the lookout to explore on how to best fuse our comfort local Asian delicacy with the best of other worlds- at times which can be rather mind-boggling too. In short, we love and enjoy every time we drop by for its toothsome grubs (such as the homey plates of Korean fusion- Creamy Kim- my fave!)and would be anticipating more innovative creations to come in the future pipeline. Well-poised and aptly named; Ampersand By Culinary Rebels!

Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ℒℴѵ
“Imperfection of a broken infinity is what makes it perfect”

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