Ever since WA Café has stopped calling Pavilion KL as its home, it’s been quite a crestfallen period for me whenever craving for a good cup of joe in the vicinity of Golden Triangle. Dirty, being one of its reigning signature (apart from its affogato), still remains vividly in my memory ever since my first sip at the café’s lot that is currently occupied by Milkcow.



But that woebegone blueness is about to leave me when learning that the maestro behind the café is back again to the caffeine scene, at the ever thriving Pavilion shopping mall. Why I’m so happy when it’s at this mall again-the always congested spot in KL? The reason is very simple and shrewdly straightforward- it’s very near to my office, a 10-minutes walking distance so that I come to fix my craving for coffee in a jiffy, anytime without having to worry about the traffic (=

Essentially, the coffee is really, really goodddd.........that’s the ultimate drawing catch!

So, finally KL’s favourite Japanese barista- Masa Aoki, is back in action at Artelier Coffee X Kitchen, with wider range of Single Origins beans to satiate the discerning taste buds of coffee lovers here. Definitely couldn’t be happier and excited at the same time upon hearing this good news!


As many coffee loves has been anticipating it especially those working and staying around Golden Triangle, we have been yearning for a decent cup of freshly brewed coffee ever since WA Café has ceased due to some changes in management, but gladly, that waiting is about to cease now, with the returns of Masa-san, whom we happened to bump into him at La Casa during the short hiatus prior to this new establishment.

Yeah, i love Tokyo! After 한국, hehe...........

You can now find the new swanky Artelier Coffee X Kitchen diagonally next to TWG Tea, adjacent to luxurious brands Moschino and is currently serving moreish home baked cheesecakes, smoothie bowls and quintessentially, its meticulously chosen coffee beans profile.

And my favourite Dirty coffee is back to greet the longing palate again- with a slight twist of new profile.



Or DIRTY (MYR 14), for those who prefer to enjoy its original state.


Finca Santa Teresa from Panama is chosen for the milk-based coffee.


Beans of the day!
Kenya Kirimara Peaberry- washed processed with noticeable cherry notes of black cherry, red grapes and chocolatey.

Let’s not forget its mouthwatering sweet indulgence too!

I hardly enjoy banana in any form other than the fruit itself, but this particular dessert seems to have convinced me rather good- fragrance from the fruit itself blends in pretty well with the cheesy butterscotch.

Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet despite the addition of white chocolate in it. If haven’ been told, I might be thinking am just enjoying another usual slice of New York Cheesecake, awesome!


Of all, I got hooked on this slice most!
Very nutty and toothsomely addictive with its generous dose of walnut bites, can’t help but to relish in it satisfyingly! Thumbs up!!

With my many previous diary of Wa Café returning patronage, rest assured this would be the same case and would certainly share with you guys other upcoming desserts, oppss….as well as other savoury plates that are already in the pipeline. So stay tuned at Artelier Coffee X Kitchen page for the latest yummy updates and creations! And I shall ambush the café again in no time, hehe…………………

ありがとうございました and おめでとうございます!!!

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Address: Lot 2.75.00, Level 2, Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603- 2110 2200

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