Immortalizing pictures into a memorable book for longer safekeeping has never been easier when using Pixajoy Photobook Editor!

Being a die-hard shutterbug, photography addiction comes just like a second nature- any time is good for snapping whenever come across any aesthetic nook and corner of the beautiful world as your journeyed and hence, most of the time will be in dilemma as how to properly eternalize it. Even soft copy pictures have  the riskd of getting corrupted, so it’s best to keep some few pictures physically that are personally meaningful and significantly matters to you to mitigate such events (=

And so, as the magic of universe has it- hearing my little wish within, I stumbled upon this user-friendly apps- Pixajoy Photo Book that comes with a simple and neat payment procedure  calleMOLPay and started playing and experimenting with it ever since!

The apps is really straightforwardly simple to use, comes with clear GUI and effectively payment method. No in depth technical knowledge or skill are needed to create one- your eternal memory.

The Pixajoy app is currently only available for android/google play store.

 You may download it from here:

~ Hassle-free and simple steps on the payment procedure.

After you have downloaded the apps, you just need to do a very simple sign up by keying all your details for once in order to create account for you, before we could choose our desired pictures to fit into the assorted collages template and eventually place our cart.

In a nutshell, let’s get started to customize your photos in your phone as well as into the print out memories using Pixajoy and experience the user friendly payment method of MOLPay today!

Wait, there is special discount for my readers here!
By keying this code “LWINPHOTOBOOK, each person will get to print and own the personalized book at only MYR 4.90 instead of MYR 69!

That’s about a whopping saving of 92%! But only available for a limited time if you purchase before 30th September 2017. So hurry up and make hays while the sun shines…………

Reader Rewards!
  • Discount code - LWINPHOTOBOOK
  • Enjoy photobook at MYR 4.90 instead of MYR 69
  • This discount code offer excluding shipping fee
  • Voucher Code valid till 30th September 2017.
  • Only applicable for Mini Softcover 6" x 6" Photo Book, 36 Pages.
  • Shipping fee: MYR 8 to West Malaysia, MYR 10 to East Malaysia, MYR 24 to Singapore (subject to 6% GST).
  • Only one (1) photo book purchase per account.
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