Located at Ampang, a well-hidden gem by the name of Sapore, serves up a yummy potpourri of delicious Italian-Spanish flair, with food such as cold cut meats, tapas, pasta, cheese, authentic Italian gourmet and many more, being the norms here. After all, it’s the forte of the inhouse kitchen maestro; Chef Federico Michieletto, a simple Italian man who enjoys earnest, comfort food that are freshly prepared without compromise on the quality.

That explains why Sapore sources their main ingredients mostly from Italy and Spain to ensure the consistency.

Guests have the options whether to dine in within the casual vibes of the premise or enjoying the soothing ambience at its al fresco dining area. Interior design is set to be minimalist while enhancing on the aesthetic values.

Apart from treating the eyes visually, let’s not forget the tummy and get the table ready with latest recipe creations specially crafted to tickle your taste buds amusingly, Bon Appétit!

What’s an Italian meal without some salami and cheese right? (=

SPIANATA HAM (seasonal menu)
A good starter before the mains. Slices of well-textured spicily smoked lean pork that goes perfectly well with the pickles! Pair it with homemade focaccia bread at only additional MYR 5.

FORMAGGI LOMBARDO (seasonal menu)
One of my fave pick; can’t help being a true blue cheese lover (=
The Lomnbardo appears quite intriguing to me compared to the usual cheese like gruyere. It might look hard in blocks, but ironically, it’s actually rather soft and easily crumbles once touch. It comes tad sweet and aromatic, and the enjoyment gets toothsomely elevated especially after drizzled with some honey and the nutty crunch of almond flakes. Personally, I enjoy it dearly.

Italian’s staples prepared with a twist to it; added with the special egg yolk sauce, guanciale ham and pecorino for that added zest! The Italian cured meat was pleasantly chewy, lending some savory tanginess to the plate. Most importantly, it’s not too cloyingly creamy, thanks to the house special sauce.

Finally, my Bolognese need not that boring any more, for I get to have it together with my other favourite- minced pork based sauce! It comes slightly piquant with the red sauce and flavourful as a whole. Simplicity at its best!

SUCKLING PIG (Whole- MYR 368 | Half- MYR 198)
Some little pleasant surprise here for swine lovers here!

Succulent suckling pig skillfully done through overnight roasting till the outer skin is delectably crispy but remain tender inside. I particularly enjoy the humble crunch on the exterior for I find it captivatingly caramelized and cracks softly as you bite into it. Don’t laugh if I tell you that it actually reminds me of the sugar coating on the crème brulee. Oh yeah, this doesn’t come strange as I’m also a sweet tooth person, so naturally tends to connect them subconsciously (=

It was definitely an afternoon well spent with buddies over a sumptuous spread of Italian delights. Hook them up if you are looking for space to hold special occasions or catering service, do give them an advance tinkle!

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Address: 18, Persiaran Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603- 4266 6362

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  1. The spaghetti carbonara looks amazing. It's great to be able to enjoy Italian cuisine on a food tour in Spain, because they still manage to give it a special touch that you can only find here.


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