It’s been sometime since my last trip to the neighbourhood of TTDI due to various travel stints. I have been wanting to try out this establishment since its recent opening and glad that I finally did.


So I made a reservation for an early session for dinner on Friday evening. It seems rather a good choice as that’s before the place get more crowded as the night swing by- and this allowed me more time to better adore the aesthetic of the sophisticated interior space.

I always have a yen for French pastry especially their flaky bakes. So definitely not gonna miss their signature Gourmet Pies that comes with mash, mushy peas and gravy.

Pulled Lamb (MYR 42)
8-hours slow roasted lamb shank in a rich tomato-based sauce. The pie crust was lovely and flaky. In fact, the sauce tasted more savoury to me(which was more appealing to me) than sourish as what I would expect from a tomato source gravy.

Roast Duck (MYR 35- ¼)
The meat was locally sought from a seasoned stall that was famous for its roasted meat, and then marinated with inhouse special sauce
Comes with house roasted bone juice, homemade chili sauce and aromatic rice. The chili sauce was appetizingly not too hot and rice was fluffily nice and fragrant.

Wagyu Rump Cap M6 (MYR108- 180g)
Juicy slab of steak (cooked to medium-rare) served with frites, seasonal vegetables and au jus. Perhaps it’s due to rump cut, we were actually expecting more of luscious wagyu marbling nuance beneath a slight crusty char-grilled exterior just like the Southern American style, the meat was succulent and tender nonetheless. Ah, not forgetting the addictively crunchy homemade fried- they were gorgeous.

And some spritzy Folkingtons juices to clear the throat at MYR 12 each
Pink Lemonade
Pressed in Sicily with added British raspberry to pinkify it, thence some refreshing lemony to it and it was great.
Elderflower Drink
Infusion of hand-picked Suzzex wild elderflowers and Sicilian lemon juice and rhubarb. Compared to its pinky peer, this drink came with a tad floral notes and was on sweeter side- don’t worry it’s not too saccharine but just nice.

Calling it a day then……. as we need to wake up earlier the next morning for some foodie jaunt in one of the heritage state- Malacca. Surprisingly, we found a pretty good and convincing Iberico steak nestling in the city- thanks to a local amigo for the tip off. Will share about it soon, so stay tuned!

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Address: 135, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603-7732 0332

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  1. this is totally an awesome must visit cafe... i actually found this sweet spot right at some blogger's cafe ttdi list and went to give it a try


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