The topic of smoking has been quite a conundrum for me since young especially when it is dealing with both environmental and health hazards. Personally, I’m not quite a supporter or rather at odds with these habits for all the unnecessary anxieties it causes and simultaneously jeopardizing the lives of others who are innocent- the secondhand smoke.

Nicotine is the main reason why smoking people has always been associated with a smoking related disease. However, we have to understand that although nicotine is not risk-free and addictive, it is not the main reason why people got smoking related diseases.

The main reason why smoking is harmful is due to cigarette smoke! This is because there are more than 6,000 chemicals in every puff of cigarette smoke!

Therefore, health experts suggest that we should also embrace the Tobacco Harm Reduction Strategy (THR)  in order to help hardcore smokers who are unwilling to stop smoking and switch to a better alternative such as smoke-free alternative.

And for that reason, HAA has always been active in raising relevant awareness in hope to reduce both the number of smokers as well as to help them to reduce harms from cigarette smoke.

Having said that, I do give some leeway to benefit of doubts whereby some may end up as smokers as the result of their surrounding influence where they were brought up. To have them change and quit the habit overnight is almost impossible. Therefore, is good to have smoke-free alternatives such as heated tobacco products (HTP) available for them to reduce the harm from cigarette smoke.

In fact, there are many types of smoke-free alternatives and one of them is E-Cigarettes invention or better known as vape. Another alternative to vaping will be this heated tobacco product or better known as IQOS which releases a nicotine-containing vapour without actually burning the tobacco. Hence, this alternative approach will be less harmful.

Thing has taken a better turning ever since with the advent of smoke-free alternative as seen on a close acquaintance who used to be a heavy smoker but has known changed by trying these alternatives smoking. This is essential in reducing the harms and other unnecessary misery to the family who still has small kids.

So let's stay healthier towards a more quality lifestyle!

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