It’s never too young to start having a Will.

In fact, it is important to you and your loved ones to ensure that they are well taken care of by your estate after your demise. The earlier you create one the better clarity you have over your own portfolio status hence leading to better personal asset management and property distribution thereafter. After all, it’s always best to take charge of your life with conscious decision at all time right?


Gone are the days where you actually need to physically engage an agent to help you mediate the procedure before the Will is officially and legally binding upon properly signed and witnessed by one or two adult independent witnesses who are present at the time you sign your Will. Thanks to SmartWills that things has become swifter with its hassle-free procedure where you could just has your Will ready through online application at their website:


With over 20 years of experience in high networth estate planning and trust consultancy, SmartWills is a company of financial advisory expert that leverages on Fintech platform which promotes financial services delivery sustainability at affordable premium, making it easily to various demographic.


With the aim to be the No.1 Trusted Will Platform in Malaysia an ASEAN, SmartWills is the leading pioneer in digital platform offering online will service that is easy to use, reliable and most importantly- secure Will protection for your loved ones at affordable package which you could just create it online yourself anytime, anywhere at your convenience.


Depending on whether you are a Malaysian or non-Malaysian, there are different packages that are specifically tailored to your needs:

You may select from most Basic Plan, Basic Pro Plan, Advanced Plan to Advanced Pro Plan or Premium Plan, whichever that you deem suitable and sufficient to your needs. With package starting from just one-time payment of MYR 328, you have provided your loved ones with a peace-of-mind ultimate protection.


Apart from Online Will service, SmartWills is also providing cost-effective Will Document Custody Service, Trust and customizable Estate Planning to cater for someone with larger estate and wealth who needs more comprehensive distribution.

In a nutshell, this online wills works wonderfully well and is very convenient- basically anytime, anywhere. Upon your online will submission, Smartwills will process with the necessary and before you realize, your precious well-sorted life arrangement has arrived at your doorstep safely!

I have gotten mine, when is yours? (=

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Loved Ones

For more info and latest updates on the packages, feel free to visit:


SmartWills- Your trusted online Will maker- Secure, Fast, Convenient & User-friendly!



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