Old Town White Coffee 1 Utama Signature @ One Utama, Petaling Jaya.

It was a lazy Sunday that we decided to have brunch instead. After browsing aimlessly at the mall, deliberating which to go, we soon settled down for some cliché morning coffee treat, at Old Town WhiteCoffee.

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam
Seemingly quite a normal plate of Nasi Lemak, or rather too big plate for that decent amount of sides. Papadum crisp was seen not too generous accompanying, or else would better to go with the sambal. Rendang chicken was tender and juicy, would be great if there was some aromatic gravy to go along with the coconut milk-infused rice.

Butter-Kaya Toasted Bread
One of its signature toastie over here at this kopitiam, that uses charcoal-like bread. Crispy layer sandwiching the milky butter and eggy kaya. Not too bad for a light brunch.

Peanut Butter Toasted Bread
Called for another filling in case the carbohydrate crave was yet to reach its optimum level. We had the peanut jam spreaded over the bread this round. Comparatively with the butter and kaya, this version appear much drier. Personally, I prefer the former one.

Hazelnut White Coffee
Seems like lately my palate has been dominated with coffee affair, ever since joining few  epicurean hangouts with Mr Cool : ) And so, not excluding today, easily made up my mind for a cup of Hazelnut White Coffee. The foamy cuppa was prepared at the right temperature with some tinge of hazelnut flavor injection. Gosh, I still miss my Hazelnut Latte……………..

Alright, stomach no longer singing and ready to go for some shopping, before we headed to an interesting cafeteria next at Backofen, Sri Hartamas.

Location :

Lot LG312, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya


Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

Old Town White Coffee


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