Since our leisure time in Penang during this impromptu trip was rather restrained, so it’s of paramount to ensure only time-worthy café stint from the many brands inundating the heritage town currently. If time allowed, I don’t mind to try out the rest but for now, they need to be prioritized, haha………

So as usual prior to any café hopping, I would consult my café lover amigo who also shared the same discernment as mine when it comes to good quality of coffee, dessert and food alike. I always trust her palate for we both enjoy earnest establishments that were built on devotion and passion to the culinary art. After all, what to doubt when she was once in the café line before she decided to venture into her other side of love in art.
So yeah, we’re practically choosy when it comes to trying out café and would have discussion beforehand to ensure it’s worthwhile, besides keeping each other updated on any new café visit with our respective, honest feedback so both of us are well informed on the expectation, haha.
There you go, one of the café that she recommended was this French élan in delicate patisserie at Le Petit Four, located at Beach Street which was pretty near to where we were putting up the night at Deluxcious Hotel.
I was really looking forward to try out their croissant (which was highly recommended by the chum), but unfortunately they were sold out by the time we reached at about 2pm. What a day………… but that’s alright as we found another lovely and tangy serendipity to make up to that unforeseen letdown.
Several choices of desserts were still available at the display counter despite almost finishing too.
Long Black (MYR 10)
Single origin Guatemala beans, rather smooth one.
Single Origin (MYR 20)
Can’t remember exactly whether Kenya AA or PNG, but it was bright and fruity.
Lemon (MYR 25)
Whipped yuzu ganache lemon and mint insert in white chocolate yellow lemon coating
I must say that this was one of the best tangy desserts I had so far in terms of very citrusy pastry, after the vivid decadent memory last had at Bubba’s Gump- not for its prawns but  Key Lime Pie, haha!

Pillow and I, we both share the similar taste buds preference of having very tart, lemony dessert together with filter coffee, if not just black. Somehow, we find such pairing kind of paradoxically toothsome (=

 It was really a good choice of sweet piece picked by Pillow. Well, I did not expect that when it comes to his confectionery taste profile, but seems like somehow he might have regained this innate talent, ahem (=
We left soon after a quick respite for caffeine fix here (although I was still bit heavy-hearted for missing my much anticipated “quarr-sannt” as we were rushing to several pit stops for local street food- following le chef friend’s recommendations.  
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