Tucked in the calmer neighbourhood of Taman Mayang is where the humble establishment of Milligram been nestling and titillating the tastebuds of the nearby folks with its homey, unpretentious dishes.

Tables are still vastly available when we stepped in the unperturbed atmosphere during one Saturday afternoon, but soon, the place got perks up shortly with streams of walk-in customers come hailing by for lunch. Wow, luckily we secured a bright, comfy corner earlier on (=

Operating for more than a year now, Milligram is set to serve up Classic Western food seasoned with love and experience, enhanced with clever twist while allowing diners to indulge in a cozy and comforting environment.

The whole Zen space not only has aesthetic repertoire as its centrestage, but also owes to its unassuming homey repast that is freshly homemade and passionately crafted from the kitchen.

To the delights of foodie, the food portion is somewhat contrary to its milli-bearing name, which comes in a rather handsome component to satisfy any craving. As the comfort food are served ala minute, diners would need to have some patience but worry not, the plates are delivered onto your table before you even realize while you got riveted in the name of shutterbug stint upon seeing the nicknacks such as this cute little angel!

First to greet us was the awesomely baked classic recipe of Mac-and-Cheese!

Miligram’s version comes with luscious bacon slices that are generously mixed with the al dente macaroni that together are baked to perfection with the glorious melted cheese, sprinkled with some fresh herbs too.  

I have always appreciated and loved dishes that are prepared using fresh herbs for that unmistakable aroma that is simply palatably captivating! That goes a long way as far as honest gourmet is of concerned.

Scrumptious slab of pork cutlet topped with mozzarella cheese that is delicately flambeaud to achieve that perfect, light browning.

The meat is thoroughly flavoured to my liking, pleasant texture as it’s using shoulder loin part doused with homemade pesto sauce before seated comfortably atop the wedges.

Here you go, some dulcet treat for the sweet tooth!

Nicely coasted multi-grain bread with crispy nestum flakes, garnished with Famous Amos Crumbs and gracefully decorated with vibrant edible flowers, served along with vanilla ice cream and savory, streaky bacons.

Sandwiching unbeknownst to me initially was a light spread of peanut butter in between, so to balance out the overall taste of otherwise, sweet nuance. Good job indeed!

To end the lovely meal, we have some cuppa to complete the session on a satisfying note.

Love the subtle hint of mint which is not too strong nor too faint. It’s done just at the right proportion to my liking.

It was a toothsome brew and we love the fruity note very much. Not too acidic but a very smooth after taste. No qualms we would be back for this again!

Cold brew of El Salvador and Columbia beans

Its simple unassuming trait makes it a perfect venue for special occasion as Milligram also does cater for private events and functions. Looking at the Tiffany Blue again, suddenly it strikes me that this enclave gonna makes a good spot for hen party, don’t you think so? (=

Whenever you’re hankering for some honest, comfort food, Milligram Café is the place to head to and don’t let it slip off your sight!

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Location: No 8, Jalan SS26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Contact: +603 7497 4358
Operation Hours: 11am-11pm (Daily)


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