People say aesthetic appreciation comes in many form, be it art, coffee, cocktail, whisky and even wine appreciation, but in this case; couverture chocolate it is! What could we possible venture to further learn how to discern these beguilingly charming morsels of handmade chocolates? All of the normative conundrum that has been playing tricks in your mind would soon be untangled over here at Love 18 Café by Eddie, the founder and owner, who would elevate your perceptions towards these dulcet bites to another level.

If you ask me, I have always adored and enjoyed all kind of dairy products as well as dark chocolate, particularly imported from abroad as I often wondered how could they be so velvet and soft that it immediately the moment you hold it, it melts swiftly, not yet even having them popped into your mouth still. And for that, I absolutely relish in the suave texture it brings upon; a quality ultimately owes to the specific ingredients used in couverture chocolates which only able to give you that kind of sensation. Now I know why some chocolates are so hard and brittles- cause they are known as compound chocolates which are made of substituted ingredients instead of the real cocoa butter.

Some choc like the 60% tends to be fruitier, with some rough aftertaste (that could possible gives you some dry sensation), compared to those higher in percentage that prove to be smoother, lingering in your taste bud. The more French cream is involved, the softer and silkier the couverture chocs you are getting, depends on which type and cocoa percentage appeals to you most as taste can be very personal and varies among individuals.  

Generally, there are 3 different types of cocoa bean which are used in chocolate production today. They are the noble Criollo, the common Forastero and a hybrid between the two, the Trinitario.

Varieties of Chocolates:
1.    Criollo- delicate and aromatic
2.    Forastero- slightly bitter

3.    Trinitario- hybrid of Criollo and Forastero

I personally enjoyed the 64% Varlhona (in fact, it’s been my fav choc nosh all time, be it in caffeinated beverage or in its normal form as well as cakes and even savory way like ribs from Ampersand) As for its Belgium compatriot, I prefer to have it at 70% of cocoa.

So how does Love 18 come from?

It has been since 3 years this aesthetically cozy café been spreading love among bon vivants around with its tempting array of couverture chocolates that are made with premium ingredients of a simple love recipe. The café is born out of a romantic hubby who wish to realize the dream of his other half- owning a chocolatier as inspiration sprouted up after watching Beach Boy.

Romantic Version:
The result and new beginning of their First 8th year anniversary
Inspired by the Japanese drama, Beach Boy to run a homestay chocolate café near the beach side for retirement

Spiritual Version:
“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud”.
Total 18 words to define the meaning of LOVE

Business Version:
Chocolate is a product that is easily accepted by all demographic of people, and best option for gifting and 18 is the perfect temperature for chocolate storage.


Now let’s talk about chocolates!

(Top: Left to Right)
1.    Chocolate Tasting Sampling- Compound Choc made from Cocoa, Vege Fat & Sweetener
2.    54% Dark Choc from Barry Callebaut, Belgium
3.    70% Dark Choc from Barry Callebaut, Belgium
4.    80% Dark Choc from Barry Callebaut, Belgium
5.    Varlhona, France-  Manjari, Pure Madagascar | 64% Dark Choc

(Bottom: Left to Right)
6.    Varlhona, Equator- Alpaco |66% Dark Choc
7.    Varlhona, Grenada Island- Kalingo |64% Dark Choc
8.    Varlhona, Venezuela- Araguani |72% Dark Choc
9.    Varlhona Opalys|33% White Choc
10. 34% Milk Choc from Barry Callebaut, Belgium 

Generally, the Belgium caters for the sweeter side where fruit flavour is more prominent than chocolate when flavoured truffles are involved, as amiably opposed to its comrades in France, where the chocolate taste itself is more celebrated, priced and emphasized in the same range, whereby any flavour other than the choc, comes in as a cameo role of merely a light tinge, whist Southern America will be hovering more on fruity notes.


To put in the simplest way of how to differentiate couverture chocolate from compound chocolates; the former would have its ingredients labeled as containing cocoa butter, usually having a minimum of 25% cocoa mass and the unmistakable strong aroma of multiple layering of aftertaste.

In the choc lab, 70%, 60% and 40% new batches from South Africa of Sao Thome, Ghana and Ghana respectively.

1 tray of chocolate cutter imported from Germany makes 10 rectangular boxes and 25 square boxes respectively. So feel free to pick accordingly to your preference.

100% coconut power to dust on the surface to prevent the cubes from sticking with each other

Strawberry and mango choc for tasting. The latter is pretty good! Nom nom...

Strawberry Orange Truffle (Pink Spheres)
A 20g net weight Strawberry and orange white chocolate coated with dark chocolate shell and dusted 

Our palates were amusedly tickled by the assorted  bites of dainty converture chocolates; from Semi-sweet, Bitter-sweet to Extra- Bitter chocolate ganache ranging from 60% to 80% classic First Love Homemade Chocolate.

It was truly an enlightening session, with more indepth understanding towards couverture chocolate. Thanks to Ketchup Community and Love 18 for having us at such a marvelously conducted event. Now we have learnt how to choose the better quality of chocolates that really rewards you with the intrinsic value and actually chocolate does contribute to good health, if taken in moderation. So remember to check it out guys!

Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ℒℴѵ

Address: Unit D-7-1, Block D, Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact: +603- 5879 8519
Business Hours: Tue - Fri (1pm - 9pm)
                          Sat- Sun (12pm - 9am)

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