How well do you know your foot?

Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain), Arch Pain, Knee or Hip Pain- do they sound familiar to you?

If yes, then 3D Custom Medical Orthotics is probably something you should really give a good thought for the sake of your footcare.


Coming from a family business that has been spanning over 3 generations now, Dato Dr. Edmund Lee is a renowned orthotic expert who was trained in England and specializes in 3D Custom Medical Orthotics at JennOrtho. Apart from locating at Level 3, Sunway Velocity mall, you may also find its other outlets at Mid Valley Mall, One Utama Shopping Centre and other areas in the Klang Valley.


What is 3D Custom Medical Orthotics, you may ask.

Essentially, it is a special shoe inserts that is manufactured from a cast impression of your feet by your foot care professional and worn inside your shoes, be it athletic, casual, dress, diabetic or and any special activity shoes. This customized medical innersole helps your feet function in their optimal neutral position without the extra need for your body to compensate for any existing misalignment unknowingly to you, around your lower extremity like your feet, ankles, hips and back.


By realigning the foot with the body, all of the corresponding joints and muscles can work more efficiently, thus eliminating the pain especially if you have had a history of joint replacement surgery. It is crucial for you to maintain the optimal alignment so that your post-surgery continues to be a successful once for as long as possible.


You might also be wondering what is the difference between those off-the-shelf store brought insoles compared to 3D Custom Medical Orthotics right?

As you may have guessed, those insoles from mass production generally cater for people with decent foot health without any targeted concern. Hence those with pre-existing foot condition might not only unable to benefit from them but potentially harnessing more impending side effects instead. Reason being such store-ready-made prefabricated orthotics are not customized to your feet needs and hence may have little effect on your foot biomechanics, not mentioning leading other possible new arising issues too.


Fret not if you’re having qualms on the designs.

These 3D customized orthotics shoes actually come in a very various stylish design that makes it another good alternative when it comes to shoe selections. It ranges from the modern sporty lifestyle to athletic, pediatric, men and women shoes on top of some that may require specific therapy. All in all, it is tailored made to your foot health needs.



Do you also know that there is this Foot Reading that allows you to gain some insights on people personality? Interesting isn’t it? Well, guess we will leave that for the next sharing session by Dr. Edmund soon!


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